Tranquillity is the genuine luxury

Less chaos, more peace – that's the mood of the exclusive Kopos žuvėdra project.

The seaside horizon, the sounds of the sea waves and the smell of pine trees will help you take a break from the busy city life and boost you with new energy. Welcome to the area of unique beauty, where you will find the true luxury of life – the chance to stop and look inward into yourself.

An exceptional place to experience life

The accelerating pace of the world, combined with the endless possibilities, brings chaos into people’s lives, making it increasingly difficult to feel peace. Sometimes it seems that peace is not possible at all: stress at work is replaced by everyday worries and by various world events on top of that.

If it’s time to take a break from the stressful rhythm of life, swap your tiresome routine for some rest and life in Kopos žuvėdra, located in Klaipėda, Giruliai.

The houses and apartments are built in a centuries-old pine forest, dating back 140 years. The 5 hectares of fenced area and the 24-hour security guard will ensure that you feel safe

and relax without any disturbances. Fresh air and the sound of the sea will accompany your daily routine.

The territory of Kopos žuvėdra is adjacent to a seaside dune. As many as four teams of renowned Lithuanian architects took care that the architectural, housing, lighting and retail architecture solutions were planned with the utmost consideration and preserved the advantages of the wild nature.

Choose from luxury apartments for permanent living, smaller apartments for holidays, or design your dream home adjacent to unspoilt forests and dunes.

It's time to fulfil a goal that has been many hours in the making: see life through the eyes of peace.

Back to nature.

And from nature – to exclusive


The new Kopos žuvėdros development is in Klaipėda, Giruliai. Up to 130 years old pine forest blocks the winds from the sea and accompanies the daily routine with the music of its rustling.

Enjoy your leisure activities on the wide beach: picnics, jogging, kite flying, walking, meditation, kite surfing in the Baltic Sea.

And if you miss the hustle and bustle of the city, Klaipėda’s Old Town can be reached in 7 minutes by car.

150 m.

from the sea to the territory of Kopos žuvėdra

The territory of Kopos žuvėdra is adjacent to a sand dune

5 ha

area of the site

140 years

the age of the pine forest

Splendid architecture.

The architecture and landscape of Kopos žuvėdra has been thought out down to the smallest detail, and four teams of renowned architects oversee the quality implementation of the ideas: Arches, Aketuri architektai, Terra Firma LT and G. Natkevičius ir partneriai.

Security and privacy.

Peace is not peace without security: the area is fenced, security guards are on duty 24 hours a day and modern security systems are in place.

Spaces for community needs.

The promenade, benches, lighting and plantation solutions will ensure a comfortable living and recreation environment for the community.

Long-lasting houses.

Lithuania's best architects and developers have chosen time-tested house construction techniques and sustainable, robust materials.

Mornings at the seaside, lunches in town.

Kopos žuvėdra is situated in a quiet pine forest, but the lively Old Town of Klaipėda can be reached in just 7 minutes by car.

Unique nature.

Kopos žuvėdra will please you with the sounds of the sea, sunsets on a sand dune, walks in a pine forest and clean seaside air.

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